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PSV: htoL#NiQ The Firefly Diary

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Within the "World of Light", the player controls a firefly who guides a girl named Mion. Her movements are dependent on how the firefly moves, and the player aims to guide her through worlds containing various obstacles. The firefly may cause Mion to move, or perform a certain action. Meanwhile, in the "World of Shadow", the player is able to control a shadow firefly, who is able to remove objects on the game stage from behind the shadows. If the player is caught by enemies that lurk within the shadows of the ruins, or if the player is caught in traps set up throughout the levels, Mion dies. Whilst Mion is unable to physically attack enemies, the player is able to tactically exploit the surrounding environment to destroy them, for example by dropping boulders.

The game makes use of the PlayStation Vita's touch controls, with the player controlling the firefly with the front touchscreen, and the shadow firefly with the rear touchpad. The player can freely switch between the two worlds at will, and will require to utilise both worlds in order to clear stages. As the game progresses, the player collects memory fragments which reveal fragments of Mion's past.