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PSV: God Eater 2 Rage Burst [R3/CHI]

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The story of God Eater 2 is still be playable in the game in a "condensed" form (source required). The story shows the continuation of the fate of Julius Visconti and the other members of Blood, implied to include Romeo based on some trailers (source). The Protagonist, the acting leader of Blood, is called in due to the sudden expansion of the Helix Tree, and is sent to investigate with the help of a new character, Livie, a Variant Scythe user who is taken on a regular basis to hunt turned God Eaters, and is strangely able to wield Julius' God Arc as well. Returning characters shown include Soma, Sakaki, Fran, as well as a new Fenrir Far East Branch director, Isaac Feldman. Although no signs of Julius have been detected in the Helix Tree, Livie implies there is reason to believe he is alive. In the depths, the protagonist and Livie are shown to encounter the new Aragami, Chrome Gawain. In a defending segment, a new variant of the Zygote is shown (Silky? Source). The Protagonist is shown to exclusively use the power of Blood Rage while inside the Helix using some voiced line, and Julius is shown fighting Caligula Xeno barefisted at first and then with a generated oracle blade weapon.