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PSV: Genkai Tokki Moero Chronicle [R3/JPN]

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The game is a dungeon crawl game where the player is required to navigate through maps containing enemies. Battles are turn-based, and involve attacking parts of enemy monster girls so that their clothes fall off; eventually at the end of the battle, the player is required to rub the monster girl using the front and rear touchpads of the PlayStation Vita, in a manner similar to that of the previous game Monster Monpiece. The player decides on which monster girls are placed within the party, and are able to swap their underwear, which serves as the main customizable equipment of the game. Changing underwear affects the abilities each girl has, in addition to their skill points. Strange Monsters can also be obtained and combined with Raw Material Panties to create new items, depending on the combination of raw materials used.

The player is able to visit the personal rooms of monster girls to bond with them and raise their affection, where they may give them presents or trigger special event scenes. Upon befriending a monster girl, they are added to a compendium, where the player can view artwork of the girls without makeup applied.