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PSV: Disgaea 3 Absence Of Detention (The Best) [R3/ENG]

RM 129.00

Return to school with Mao and his gang of delinquents. Embark on an adventure to take down the demon king. With new skills, new characters and a vastly improved system, this killer of an RPG redefines evil. Use the touch screen and the back touch pad to control your characters and launch attacks.

Go beyond the Omega spells in this installment, Terra spells wipe your enemies off the grid with one cast, feel its power through the special graphics for the spell. 

If you find the last installment fulfillingly long, be prepared for more elements, the game has 4 more scenarios and even more events. And these are only some of the new features, discover all the unexplored regions of Disgaea 3 when you get the game.