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PSV: Atelier Meruru Plus [R3/JPN]

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Atelier Meruru introduces the Cost Turn Battle System, where a character's speed and the "wait" (abbreviated as WT in-game) assigned to individual actions influence how soon a character's next turn will come. Turn order is displayed in a qeueu of 16 spaces.

The Assist System has also been adjusted around two of Meruru's skills, Power Item and Potentialize. After two offensive assists, Meruru may use an item again with a more powerful effect. After a Power Item use, a Coordinated Attack is possible, a special assist attack involving both of Meruru's companions at once, further allowing a follow-up from Meruru of a third item use even more powerful than a Power Item.

Specials now change depending on whether they finish off an enemy; specials that finish off enemies are accompanied by character-dependant musical themes and flashier, more elaborate animations.

Also, during synthesis, two traits may now combine to form more powerful or multi-faceted traits at the expense of being disallowed a choice between the two (unless those traits are applied to the item multiple times) and being relatively costly