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PS5: Relayer [R3/ENG/CHI]

RM 259.00


  • Approximately one hundred unique cutscenes play during battles throughout the game, and stage maps are all illustrated in high-quality, full 3D
  • Relayer also features exciting special attacks such as Backstab and the Big Bang
  • Players must use a wide range of strategies to lead the Star children to victory


Humanity is not alone in the universe.

In the year 2049, mankind finally meets intelligent life: the Relayers. Around the same time, the discovery of an ancient alien civilization sets the wheels of fate in motion for the Starchildren, humans bestowed with unique powers.

Then, in the year 2051, our story begins one fateful day when two young women cross paths in Artemis, a colony located on the surface of the Moon. Get ready for an intergalactic adventure where humans and ancient aliens meet, and our stellar neighbors come to life!