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PS5: Infinity Strash Dragon Quest The Adventure Of Dai [R3/CHI]

RM 259.00


Story Mode lets you relive the anime story of DRAGON QUEST: The Adventure of Dai up to the battle of Sovereign Rock Castle

“Temple of Recollection” is an original multi-level dungeon that spawns different enemies and traps each time you challenge it


The legendary DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai manga and anime arrives as an exhilarating action RPG!

It has been many years now since The Hero restored peace to the land... In a world tormented by the forces of evil, a swordsman and his companions set out to defeat Hadlar, the Dark Lord. On an isolated island in the southern seas, a boy named Dai lives among monsters, yearning to become a hero himself someday. Everything changes when the Dark Lord is revived. With a new crisis facing the world, Dai makes a promise to his mentor, encounters new friends, and slowly learns about his own inescapable fate...

This is the beginning of Dai's adventure, and his quest to become a true hero!