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PS4: YS XI Monstrum Nox [R3/CHI]

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  • Encounter the likes of the Monstrum, individuals who possess superpowers, with whom you’ll uncover mysteries hidden in the prison at the start of a new adventure
  • Face Intense fights against giant bosses, to the various skill attacks, free dashes, and jumps we’ve seen in its speedy action
  • Awaits new elements involving Ys IX’s setting including the “Supernatural Action” of the Monstrum that can be used while exploring the field, the “Guild Management” feature in the Prison City,” and more!


I became someone other than myself. Have you ever had that kind of dream?

I think about myself in that dream. Is this me, or is this not me?

Are dreams reality, or are reality dreams? I’ve reached an awfully simple answer.

“Whichever is fine.”

Which is true—or which is not true. Both are reality.