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PS4: The Legend Of Heroes Sen No Kiseki I Kai Thors Military Academy 1204 [R3/CHI]

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英雄傳說 閃之軌跡 改 (中文版)

  • High definition graphics and high sound quality! - 60 frames per second and high definition graphics 4K (PS4™Pro) supported. In-game background music also enhanced
  • High Speed Skip Mode included! - Enjoy an easier gameplay by doubling the speed for the events & field exploration, and play at quadruple speed for the battles scenes
  • Compatible with the Save Data from the PlayStation®3 version and the PlayStation®Vita version! Continue from where you left off in "SEN NO KISEKI I KAI" by loading the Save Data with the cross-save function
  • Compatible with Save Data from "SEN NO KISEKI"!


Coming back on PlayStation®4, the beginning of Class VII. Tension is raising in the militaristic Erebonian Empire due to the conflict between the Nobel and Reformist Factions.

A dramatic busy student life awaits for members in special Class VII—established by the renowned Thors Military Academy—and Rean who is chosen as the new member!