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PS4: Onechanbara Origin [R3/ENG/CHI]

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  • Cel shaded graphics reminiscent of Japanese animation
  • Exhilarating feel from cutting down hordes of zombies with a katana
  • Gore effects with decapitations, dismemberments, and even cutting torsos in half
  • A novice-friendly system that allows combos to rack up just with simple tap of a button
  • A system called the “Cool Combination” system for advanced players. This requires exact timing to connect combos but with an added bonus of massive flexibility. Provides enjoyment for players of all skill levels
  • When blood splatters from enemies on to your character, you can change forms into “Berserk” or “Xtatic” to help you defeat powerful enemies like bosses


A tale of two sisters in a world overrun by the living dead…

In the year 20XX AD, Tokyo is nothing but a dystopic wasteland overrun by living corpses known as the Undead.

Here we find two sisters who descend from a long line of expert swordsmen, yet were born to different mothers. The elder sister, Aya, was raised by her father, who subjected her to rigorous training in the way of the blade. Meanwhile, the younger sister, Saki, was raised by her mother, learning to despise her father for abandoning them and taking her sister away.

When her father goes missing, Aya decides to put her skills with the sword to use as an Undead-hunter. Upon her beloved mother's murder, Saki becomes consumed to the point of insanity with a desperate thirst for revenge, resorting to manipulating the Undead to achieve her goal.

Aya resolves to seek out her younger sister, her only surviving relation, while Saki is determined to resurrect her mother using an ancient art passed down through the ages. This art, however, requires the heart of a blood relative to work, meaning that the younger sister must kill the elder if she is to have her sworn vengeance.

And so, amidst a swirling storm of love, hate, and intrigue, the battle between the two sisters begins.