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PS4: Earth Defense Force 5 [R3/ENG/CHI]

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地球防衛軍 5

EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 is the latest title in the EARTH DEFENSE FORCE series, depicting a whole new worldview about humans rising up against unknown alien invaders from outer space. This is an action shooting game about the continuous battle for survival between unknown extraterrestrials invading earth and the Earth Defense Force.

You play as an EDF soldier, fighting in cruel battles against massive amount of giant monsters and killer machines. The game offers 4 unique soldier classes, nearly 1,000 types of weapons to choose from, and includes over 100 missions, breaking a series record. The additional mission pack released earlier in Japan will become available as well.

All missions support multiplayer gameplay for up to 4 players. Additionally, the game features offline split-screen co-op. Control 4 types of soldier classes and fight along with EDF team members from around the globe.