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PS4: Death end re:Quest [R3/CHI]

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  • Battle Flow - Death end re;Quest uses a turn-based command battle system. At the start of a character’s turn, they can freely move around the battlefield. Each character’s specialty attack range differs, so the enemy’s location should be considered when moving for skillful positioning, allowing for strategic battles to unfold
  • Field Bugs - Bugs called “Field Bugs” will occur on the field. If a character touches a Field Bug, it will capture them, and in addition to debuffs, the character’s bug “Contamination Level” will increase
  • Knock Bug System - In order to remove troublesome Field Bugs, you can use the “Knock Bug” system. Through the Knock Bug system, you can blow back both Field Bugs and enemies, and deal even more damage
  • Battle Jack System - The Battle Jack System is a special action used by protagonist Arata Mizunashi through which he supports Shina and company from the real world. Arata uses his programming abilities to intervene in battle and take control of the situation. However, in order to use the Battle Jack System, it is necessary to reduce the amount of “Field Bugs” on the battlefield. Remove Field Bugs with the Knock Bug System and other methods to enable further pursuit through the Battle Jack System
  • Code Jack - Control the current battlefield with cheat codes created by Arata Mizunashi. Do things such as “change the effects of Field Bugs to whatever you want” or “increase or decrease the contamination rate of an enemy or ally.” Take a complete look at the battle to turn the threats coming your way into opportunities and bestow effects to “control the battlefield.”
  • Summon – Summon the Entoma you have captured to the battlefield as Summons Bugs. After defeating an Entoma Queen, which appear in the game as bosses, you will be able to use them as Summons Bugs under the control of Arata Mizunashi. As enemies, they are threats, but as allies, they are an extremely powerful means of attack. Entoma Queens possess infinite physical strength, and in addition to acting as a shield that lures in party attacks, it can also use its own powerful attacks. However, a Summons Bug is still a bug. For every action it takes, a Field Bug will regenerate. When the field is filled with Field Bugs, you will lose control of the Summons Bug and it will disappear. It is important to reduce the number of Field Bugs on the field as much as possible beforehand in order to use a Summons Bug
  • Install Genre – Change the rules of battle. Installs various “genres” into the RPG command battle system that change the rules of battle. For example, by changing the genre to “fighting game,” you can attack enemies that specialize in fighting from the rear head-on from the front. With this unprecedented system, you can drag enemies into rules that give you the upper hand. Furthermore, for each genre, when it comes time to attack and a Summons Bug is on the battlefield, you can activate additional pursuits using the Summons Bug by meeting pre-set conditions


“World’s Odyssey” is a virtual reality MMORPG and complete projection of consciousness developed as a traditional fantasy of dreams and adventure. It was a large-scale RPG that the game company Enigma poured all of its energy into, but canceled development on after the disappearance of game director Shina Ninomiya.

Several years later, “World’s Odyssey,” which was supposed to have been deleted from the network, is restored in a state eroded with every possible “bug.” These bugs, which take on the form of actual insects, are infesting humans, objects, monsters, and every possible material, and collapsing the game world. Bugs have produced a number of mysterious phenomena, transforming the world into one filled with various mysteries and madness such as “bugs with their own will,” “NPCs with human hearts,” and “characters who cannot exist.”

An e-mail arrived for game programmer Arata Mizunashi. The sender: Shina Ninomiya, a game director who went missing a year prior. She, together with Arata, once developed “World’s Odyssey,” a game that fully implemented virtual reality, but after she disappeared, development on the game was canceled.

The cryptic e-mail indicated that Shina Ninomiya disappeared in World’s Odyssey, a game that does not exist. Arata tries to analyze the program, which should have been deleted from the network but was restored. The program has been rewritten to the point that it has no trace of its original form, and in a world full of bugs, Shina was there as the only “player.”

Arata tries to get in touch with Shina and learns that she cannot log out from this game.

And so the two look for clues, and alongside NPCs that possess human hearts and their colleagues, in reality, proceed with clearing the game from both the “inside” and “outside.”

However, a dreadful situation also involving reality awaits.