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PS4: Cyber Troopers A Certain Magical VirtualOn [R3/CHI]

RM 239.00


  • Follows the "computer fighter Virtual-On" robot high-speed action on the battle game
  • Importing "magic banned book directory" character special ability
  • A new battle way to create a unique charm!


The game background set in the "magic banned book directory" of the Gakuen metropolis, storytelling Gakuen Metropolitan popular driving huge robotic war of the next generation of competition "computer fighter Virtual-On", either super or incapacitated, as long as Technology can play, so set off a wave of enthusiasm among students. Including the protagonist on the article when Ma, and Intiksi, one of the passage, Misaka Mishan and other "banned book" series of familiar characters, will catch the computer fighter to learn the city as the arena to start a fierce battle.

The game inherits the "fighter computer Virtual-On" high-speed robot action gameplay, while importing "magic banned book directory" features rich character special ability, combining the two to create a new battle mode, and create a unique charm.