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PS4: Natural Doctrine [R1/ENG]

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The game is a fantasy simulation-type RPG based along the concept of natural selection. The game features single and multiplayer modes with versus and co-operative play, and is cross-play and cross-save compatible.

The game storyline is shown from the perspective of Geoff, the main protagonist, who is accompanied by two women named Vasily and Anka. Combat will be based on a turn-based battle system, and a primary concept of gameplay is to have large numbers of allies and enemies simultaneously on a large size battlefield. Time can be controlled dynamically, and units can be controlled in a single space. Units in combat against one another form encampments, where units are able to return to camp at the end of the turn as long as the encampment isn't destroyed. Units are also able to hide behind objects.

Outside of Feste, species such as minotaurs, goblins and orcs set up bases, and intend on attacking from them. The field is wide and arranged within grid limits. In multiplayer mode, players can play as non-human species.

The online mode will feature a card battle game, where players can compete against one another with their own formulated decks.