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NS: Touhou New World [AS/ENG/CHI]

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Shrine Maiden Skills and Magician Moves - Enemies may unleash fountains of projectiles, but you can counter them by inflicting heavy damage with spell cards, dealing powerful blows with exorcism sticks, and slowing attacks with well-timed guards

Get to Know Gensokyo - Help out friendly Gensokyo residents by finding lost souls, investigating strange areas, and engaging in mock battles. You’ll be rewarded handsomely, and you might learn a tip or two to aid you in your quest

Customizable Action - Use your favorite skills in battle to level them up and upgrade essential stats like health and attack power to get tougher. Customize Reimu and Marisa to suit your playstyle and overcome the odds

Don’t Forget to Accessorize - Every weapon, piece of armor, and accessory you find has randomized stats, so mix and match to make the most of them, or reforge equipment until it suits you


Get ready to dodge bullets and fight for your life in Touhou: New World, another exciting fan-made adventure in the ever-evolving “Touhou Project” universe from Ankake Spa, the creators of 2016’sTouhou: Scarlet Curiosity. Melding action-RPG elements and “bullet-hell” combat, Touhou: New World puts you in the shoes of two playable protagonists, shrine maiden Reimu, and magician Marisa, as they explore the game’s fantastical worlds and battle against a menagerie of mystical creatures. Make use of customizable skills that suit your style while collecting items to power up each character, and aid the residents of Gensokyo in side quests to gain even more advantages in the battle to restore peace to the world.