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NS: Souldiers [EU/ENG]

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Dynamic and scalable combat system: hit, parry, dodge, unlock new abilities.

Upgrade your skills and equipment to find the fighting style that suits you best

Choose your character from three fighter classes: Soldier, Archer and Wizard

An interconnected world: discover a sprawling landscape filled with treasures, tough bosses and secret paths

Terragaya comes to life with incredibly rich 2D pixel art

Solve puzzles and jump from place to place with an ever-expanding array of moves


Platform, Metroidvania exploration, combat, puzzles... A tasty retro epic!

Developed by the talented studio Retro Forge Games,Souldiersis already shaping to be a future reference by combining Metroidvania exploration, epic Souls-style battles, RPG customization, and exact platforming sequences. It's a clever mix that will plunge you into the heart of the fantastic world of Terragaya, torn between the dead and the living.

Developed with a keen eye for detail and passion,Souldiersalso boasts an engaging storyline, art direction, and polished pixel art that pays homage to the 16-bit era.

Choose a character class, hone your skills, battle a horde of enemies, solve numerous puzzles, and fight for your freedom!