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NS: Omelet Pro+ Wireless Controller [Jet Black]

RM 179.00

• Wireless & Wired Mode: Can be easily recharged using Type-C cable and be use freely in wireless mode.

• Broad Compatibility: Supports multiple platforms including Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, Apple IOS and Android.

• Crystallized Buttons: Crystallised ABXY buttons with LED light to make it cooler. So the buttons won’t wear out so quickly from long time and frequent use.

• Ergonomic Design: Improved materials and better design so players won’t get tired easily when gripping the controller for long time.

• Multicolor RGB Ring: Interchangeable RGB lighting to your favourite.

• Anti-Friction Thumbsticks: Textured grip for your precision gaming actions.

• Advanced Turbo Mode: Improve competitive gameplay by actively activate more than one actions repeatedly with just a press.

• Gyro Motion & Wake Up Mode: Support gyro-sense aiming and wake-up console on Nintendo Switch.

• Pro-Gammable Back Buttons: Assign any buttons and functions for pro-action controls.