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NS: Hana Awase New Moon Complete Edition [AS/CHI]

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Includes a new original short story

The hanafuda battle system (Kasen) will be a combination from all four games with a renewed design to make it even easier to play

Multilingual: (Japanese, English, Traditional/Simplified Chinese)

The short story told in the "Karakuri" drama CD series (all four volumes) and an original story has been customized into a novel mode


Synopsis: Hana Awase

From the illustrator at the forefront of otome content, Yura, and Project "Tsuki ni Murakumo, Hana ni Kaze," comes a forbidden love story between "flowers" and "water" with a hanafuda motif. The popular otome game where you can enjoy both a traditional visual novel and hanafuda battles is coming to Nintendo


Story: Mizuchi Volume, Himeutsugi Volume, Karakurenai / Utsutsu Volume

"Kasen," a card game played with hanafuda cards. Only those with certain abilities, "Kaei," can harness the unique power of the flowers. They are primarily male, and the five most powerful individuals at the academy are revered as the "Five Brights." This game unfolds on the stage of the Kasen National Academy, where uniquely talented individuals are produced. It is the story of the Five Brights and the maidens devoted to them.

Story: Iroha Volume

A girl named "Hinata" and a boy named "Nino" appear before Mikoto. Iroha and Mikoto, who must never come together through direct touch, find their destinies have begun to move. The full moon needs more than a thousand, but fewer than ten thousand miracles to be reunited. However, once they come together, those thousands of miracles become one, and life is born—