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Digimon Vital Bracelet Digivice V

RM 239.00

The newly wearable LCD toy series, "Digimon Ghost Game Broadcast Commemorative Vital Bracelet DigiVice V" is now available!


This is a Digivice used by the three-character who appear in the new TV anime "Digimon Ghost Game".


As for its features, the Digivice V has an extremely useful sleep mode that lets users actually control the timing of when their Digimon sleeps. In sleep mode, Digimon in the Digivice V will not lose Vital Points and the evolution timer will still countdown, which is a huge quality of life improvement. It also comes with an improved LCD screen.


Another improvement is the ability to share Dim Cards. One Dim Card can be compatible with up to three Digivice Vs, or two if it is already used on a standard Vital Bracelet. This means that Dim Card sharing amongst Digivice V and Vital Bracelet users is possible up until a certain limit.


By inserting an optional Dim Card, you can change the area and breeding Digimon. Includes one "Gammamon Dim Card".