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Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna -Ultimate Image- (Gabumon)

RM 549.00

igimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION "Agumon -The Bond of Courage-" and "Gabumon -The Bond of Friendship-" that appeared in the last scene of Kizuna are now available in the "ULTIMATE IMAGE" series!
A super high quality figure that is completely supervised by Kenji Watanabe and is particular about details.
"GABUMON -YUJO'S KIZUNA-" which presented in DIGIMON ADVENTURE LAST EVOLUTION KIZUNA last scene, is now present in "ULTIMATE IMAGE" series!
With the complete supervision by Mr. KENJI WATANABE, this figure is released in a high quality, even in small parts.

[Product material]
-Figure: PVC-ABS
-Pedestal: ABS

[Product size]
Gabumon -Yujo's Kizuna- (Kizuna of Friendship) -: Total length about 185mm