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3DS: Mario & Luigi Dream Team [USA Ver.]

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Dream Team features gameplay similar to previous Mario & Luigi games, in which the player controls both Mario and Luigi, who explore the game's overworld together and fight in turn-based battles. Like the previous games, players can individually control actions with Mario and Luigi to attack and dodge enemies, and learn various 'Bros Attacks' by finding Attack Blocks. This game uses 3D graphics for backgrounds and pixel art for characters. Players are also now able to save their game anywhere on the overworld, as well as via Save Blocks, and some Bros Attacks make use of the 3DS' gyroscopic features. The Badge system from previous games is enhanced, allowing players to store multiple badge effects once charged, encouraging players to change up their badge combinations to store various effects. If the player loses a battle, they will have the option to try on an easier mode and receive optional hints for fighting certain enemies.

The main game takes place in the 3D top-down overworld of Pi'illo Island, where Mario and Luigi can explore the environment and fight side by side in battle. However, in order to rescue the Pi'illo Folk, who have become imprisoned in stone pillows, Mario will have to enter the Dream World via Luigi's dreams. The Dream World takes place in a 2D side-scrolling environment, where Mario is joined by Luigi's dream counterpart, Dreamy Luigi. Throughout these Dream World stages, players will find various phenomenons called Luiginary Works, which Dreamy Luigi can interact with. Whilst Dreamy Luigi is embedded in a Luiginary Work, players can interact with the environment by touching the real world Luigi on the touchscreen. For example, players can tweak Luigi's moustache to manipulate a Luigi-shaped tree to fling Mario to new areas with its branches, or make Luigi sneeze to create a gust of wind that blows blocks into the foreground. A recurring Luiginary Work sees Mario take command of a stack of Luigis known as Luiginoids, which takes on new abilities and forms as the game progresses, such as smashing through blocks, creating whirlwinds and rolling down hills.

Battles are also different inside the Dream World, as Mario combines with Dreamy Luigi and fights against large groups of enemies with assistance from the Luiginoids, which allow him to attack multiple enemies with successful attacks. In place of the Bros. Attacks are the Luiginary Attacks, which also incorporate the Luiginoids, such as tilting the console to steer a rolling ball of Luiginoids to run over an enemy. There are also some sections in which players control a giant Luigi by turning the 3DS on its side and using stylus controls (similar to the giant Bowser battles from Bowser's Inside Story). These battles were developed by Good-Feel.